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    Post by boomboom82 on Mon Apr 07, 2008 6:41 pm

    Cool hi 2 whoever reads this post. Ive been playing poker now almost 5years and along the way ive met new freinds and had some fun. In my first 6months i didnt really understand the game all that well and my pairs were getting beat bye 2pairs, straights and flushes as i didnt always c them comeing i.e. 789 flops were i had top pair but a jack was comeing on the turn an i didnt put my oponenet on a 10, now 4 me that type of situation is normally a fold or were i have an over pair 2 lets say QQ and a flop of 259 flop clubs but i have no club 90% of the time i will fold now 2 a bet were back when i started i would b all in. Wink I understand everbody plays differnt and u can read or research the game as much as u like but at the end of the day there is no correct way 2 play no limit holdem, thats what makes it the game what it is and keeps us comeing back for more week after week. 1 day ur ducks could hold up against big slik while the next day ur pocket rockets could get cracked bye a 57 off suit thats just poker aint it. jocolor Over the last 3 and a half years my biggest live play acheivement was making the final table of the nutspoker league, the day was a long day starting at 12 in the afternoon for me and finishing at just before 2 in the moring as i had 2 qualify in the afternoon 1st for the main event and then start all over in the evening session playing against the top 600 players from all over the country. I must addmit i have won more playing online than in live play were my biggest win was 2nd in a headhunter tournament were i picked up a cool 1860 collecting over 40 heads along the way. Out of the 3 differnt disiplines i.e. tournaments, sit an gos and cash or ring games i do prefer 2 play sit and gos and my record online is great 4 them as i sharkescoped myself last week and i was a +36 player. cheers. Anyway that was me telling u about my poker journey so far. peace 4 now and good luck 2all.

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