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    Post by Thundercat on Tue May 13, 2008 8:31 am

    Can I just say that like all of you, I have had some really bad beats and given them as well, however last weekend at the tournament after the Open has got to be the worst one yet. I'm still steaming over it. I had A-10 of clubs and limped in. There was one other caller and the big blind checked. The flop came 7c-10d-6c, so I have middle pair with top kicker and a nut flush draw, everyone checks, the turn comes (something insignificant) lets say 3d. I check,the other player goes in for just over 5k and BB folds, now after thinking about this for a while and counting my outs, I push all in, after all Ive got alot of outs here, but I assume Im ahead already (I knew the other player had been pushing in with little or nothing most of the day so this helped my decision) he calls. He flips his cards and shows 9d-10s, so Im ahead and hes down to 3 outs, the river comes 8h, WHAT? A friggen 8 giving him one of his 3 outs. Fooken hell, what kind of game is this that you can make all the right decisions, make a great call for all your chips and still lose. I was steaming and more than that I was out. Now, I play pretty good poker most of the time but sometimes when board Ill play crap if I can get in cheap and sometimes I hit the flop, does that mean I'm fishing? Of course it does, its part of the game, another gear if you will, its not against the rules, but thats not my mistake its my opponents, he let me in there with garbage, and if I hit, Im in and thats exactly what I did in that hand. I like to switch it up a bit so its difficult to put me on a hand. Now my wife, shes a solid player, if shes in a hand shes ahead, most of the time and alot of good players we play with know that. Is it good to be a solid player? Well lets test that theory. My wife, its easy, unless you've got the nuts, if shes in the hand, shes ahead. So the decision is clear, your behind so fold. Your not pushing any more of your chips into the pot, easy. However if Im in the hand with you its not so easy. I could have a wide variety of hands, so you really don't know where you are in the hand (unless your Howard, he knows everything, just kidding buddy *wink*) but who's the better player? Again, thats easy, according to the theory of poker, that being , Poker is not a game of winning and losing, but a game of making the correct decisions, my wife is obviously the better player according to the theory of poker. However when Im ahead, Im going to get most of your chips. So I dont think its a better or worse player situation here, its just a different style of playing. Am I a donkey, definetly not, I know poker inside and out, I count my outs, I count my opponents chips and I make an educated guess at where I am in the hand and I push when I think Im ahead, or slow play if I know my opponent has a made hand lower than mine. I know the game, Ive read the books, Ive watched the dvds, Ive studied the greats on TV. I know what I'm doing. Now we all play with donkeys, but being a donkey is not another gear, its the absence of any gear. The only way a donkey can win a pot is by betting an educated player out of the pot because the educated player know how to fold. You know who the donkeys are when you play, so don't let them push you out of a pot, forget the continuation bet, we all know about that so expect it. It doesn't mean they have anything, more often than not its the only time in the game they will do the right thing. Go get em baby, Friggen Donkeys...TC

    PS- Dannys not a Donkey, he just got very very lucky..TC

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