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    Post by Thundercat on Sun Aug 10, 2008 11:00 am

    Hi Guys,

    When you get a MONSTER hand, you should NOT slow play it.

    Here's why:

    "Slow playing" means that you don't bet very much, or bet
    nothing at all, in hopes that your opponent makes a big bet
    or tries to bluff.

    For instance, if you got two Aces before the flop and only
    called the big blind, you would be "slow playing" your Aces.

    Or if you flopped a straight and just "checked", you would
    be slow playing your straight.

    Make sense?

    The problem is, most amateurs will slow play their big
    hands... trying to perform the famous check-raise
    maneuver... or trying to "trap" their opponents...

    But generally speaking, this is NOT a smart strategy... for
    two reasons:

    1. Because many poker players will see right through you...
    and fold the hand as soon as you make your move.

    2. Because you won't win as much money when you slow play
    big hands versus betting them.

    Let's talk about the first reason...

    The fact is, slow playing big hands will NOT confuse your

    On the contrary, it will actually give them a SOLID READ on



    That's just the way it is.

    You may think you're being SLY, but you're really just being

    I think it's actually human INSTINCTS to slow play big

    Think about it. When someone gets a big hand, what are they
    thinking in their heads?

    They SHOULD be thinking... "How can I get the most money
    possible out of this pot?"

    But what they are REALLY thinking is... "How can I make sure
    everyone doesn't fold and this great hand doesn't go to

    It's the truth.

    Especially since it will often take HUNDREDS of hands before
    you catch a monster.

    And that's the REAL reason why people slow play big hands...

    Because they're SCARED TO DEATH that if they make a bet,
    everyone will fold.

    So the point is, it is NOT unique to slow play a monster...
    in fact, it's what MOST card players do. Especially

    Now let's look at the second reason why slow playing a big
    hand is a bad idea... and that is:


    The fact is, when you hit a monster, you should bet it. It's
    that simple.

    Even if you REALLY ARE thinking to yourself, "How can I get
    the most money out of this pot?", the answer is to bet it.

    Not slow play it.

    You'll win more chips and make more money by betting your
    big hands... especially when you look at it over a long term

    Let me show you three reasons why:

    1. Usually, one of your opponents will have SOMETHING...
    whether it's a bottom pair, wired pair, straight draw...

    This means that you'll usually get one or more callers for
    your monster hand... which is "sure money" going into the
    pot that you're about to win...

    2. When you slow play big hands, you're opening yourself up
    for BAD BEATS. You shouldn't give your opponents the
    opportunity to see free cards.

    When you let them see free cards, you're just increasing the
    odds that someone catches a lucky draw... or the one
    "miracle" card that can bust your hand.

    Betting your big hand, instead of letting your opponent get
    free cards, will narrow down your chances of a bad beat.

    3. Your opponents won't see it coming.

    Since most players slow play monsters, your opponents will
    often put you on a BLUFF when you bet your big hand.

    And if they think you're bluffing, they'll try to come back
    over the top of you with a raise.

    This, of course, gives you yet ANOTHER way to make more
    money from your hand...

    Now... let me talk about the EXCEPTION to this rule. And
    that is when you get a monster that is SO UNBELIEVABLE...
    AND you sense complete weakness at the table.

    The most common example of this is 4-of-a-kind.

    For instance...

    Let's say the flop came out 8,8,2 and you've got pocket 8's.
    The other two players check to you.

    In this case, it will be smart to just check your big hand,
    rather than betting.

    BUT, you're not really "slow playing" it.

    What you're ACTUALLY doing is just letting your opponents
    "catch up" to you.

    Since you know the 8's couldn't have helped either of your
    opponents, you want to make sure a turn card comes out...
    and maybe even a river card... in hopes that someone catches

    If the turn card is a face card, that's good news for you.
    Because it means that someone might have made top pair and
    will be willing to give you some action in the hand.

    But besides that, you should NOT slow play your big hands.

    Now let's see a real-life instance where this strategy
    helped me make more money at the poker table.

    Just the other night I was at the riverboat and got dealt AQ.
    My positioning wasn't good, but it was the first decent hand
    I'd seen in awhile, so I raised the pot to 1,500 in chips.

    Only one player called me... the man on the button. This guy
    (we'll call him "Mike") is a very good card player. He goes
    to the casinos every single night... 7 days a week...
    grinding it out and making his living.

    He's one of the only players at this table that I generally
    avoid going heads-up with, actually.

    So anyway... the flop comes out, and it's:


    I've flopped a set with an Ace kicker.

    I'm first to act. So what do I do?

    Most players would slow play... but not me. I come out

    I hesitate for like two seconds and then push in 4,000 in

    Mike is thinking there is no possible way I'd bet trips like
    that... so he's probably putting me on a high wired pair
    (but not Queens).

    Plus, he might think I'm just representing my pre-flop raise
    with this bet...

    So instead of folding, Mike decides to represent the Queens
    out there... and act as if HE has the trip queens.

    "Make it 10,000", he says aggressively.

    Of course, now I've got Mike EXACTLY where I want him...

    I call his bet.

    The turn card comes... it's a 10.

    I check... because I know Mike is going to make a big move
    on me.

    "Make it 10,000", he says again.

    And I call again.

    It turns out Mike is sitting on K-10... which means he's got
    a pair. This will give him even MORE confidence to try to
    buy this pot.

    Now that I've called his bets, however, he's probably
    thinking I have Kings or Aces. Which means the only way he
    can win this pot is to scare me away.

    The river hits... and it's a 3. Which gives me the full

    I check again, and Mike goes ALL IN with his huge chip
    stack... thinking he can bully me out of the hand.

    I call... and I take down a MASSIVE pot from the seasoned

    And it all started because I DIDN'T slow play my trips. Mike
    didn't put me on the three Queens and was willing to push
    his entire stack into the middle to try to win that pot.

    Of course... that won't happen every time you get a big
    hand. And trying to confuse your opponent is definitely NOT
    the only reason to not slow play your big hands.

    The reality is, when you bet your big hands you'll
    CONSISTENTLY win more pots and make MORE MONEY playing
    poker...and for God sakes, have a look at who's still in the hand. We've all been playing together for a long time and we know who the donkeys and calling stations are. Use that to your advantage...=^..^=

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    Post by Guest on Thu Aug 21, 2008 9:22 pm

    read your advice on slow play/an action i usually take/decided to try your way and by jove it sure does work/great advice cheers

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