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    what a hand to hit with 20 players left


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    what a hand to hit with 20 players left Empty what a hand to hit with 20 players left

    Post by howard on Fri Sep 26, 2008 1:53 pm

    danny326 on Wed 24 Sep 2008 - 12:43

    i was playing in comp last night online at party poker a speed 8k rebuy grtd $5.i was sitting with a stack of 247k chips and about 4 hours in to it the comp and i hit a suited q j diamonds. the blinds are 4000/8000, some guy raises the pot to 18k so i limp in and call along with two other players the flop has come qh 6s jh i'm thinking now i'll check call no re-raise just get might get smashed apart bye a flush so guy calls the bb agian and chucks 8 k into the pot every one calls so do i and reraise to 12K the other guys call they must of thought i was bluffing so the pots now sat at 132k. the turn comes jc i think full house i don't belive my luck so i check againjavascript:emoticonp('') thinking i'll trap these lads good and propper some guy rasies 50k i'm thinking he has my hand or kj not sure tho one guy folds the other calls pot now at 292k then the river come another jack i thought omg what a killer hand i got you now boys for sure i'm sitting there with jd jc ja js and a pair of ladys for a kicker this will kick them into next week i put another 50k in the pot. the guy on there other side of the table with the 400k stack re-rasies all in and matey next door calls him i have no choice all in so the pot stands at 850k+ the cards get turned over mr400k had full house 10's an jacks the other guy had full house queens an jacks this rotten git hand jjjj unlucky boys i take 754050 in chips javascript:emoticonp('') thinking that'll set me up good for the final table and it did. come 2nd and took $950 javascript:emoticonp('') over all but some of the hands i got i hit would of made you sick to be playing against killer hands aa 6 times preflop kk twice so many pockets cant really mind how many but alot. may best i think tho was the ace 6 d i had pre flop most people went all in 10 15 k per player i called thought win or lose it was only $5 to buy in and i can still get an addon so hey #-*# it jdkd2d on the flop thanks boys i cleand up lol. and i never had to rebuy once in the whole thing lucky me so thats a 2nd 4th 9th tis week in comps with up to 1500+ entrys. i think i'll quit my job earned more on poker in the last month than i have working

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