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    Post by howard on Mon Nov 24, 2008 8:40 pm

    Hi a lot of people are asking how did Karen do?

    Well to say she's gutted is understatement of the year.

    In 7 hours play it went like this
    best hand 10-10 she raised took the blinds
    8-8 had to fold to a re-raise
    8-8 raised flop q j 6 a lady bet Karen folded
    4-4 raised was re raised Karen folded.
    AK called all in and split pot
    AK Called all in took AQ out for 8k chips. for the first time went over starting chips.
    blinds are now 1500 and 3000
    from here she tried to win the tourney, with crap.
    Called all in Q6 lost
    K7 re raised all in k7 and hit doubled up
    A (spades) 2 went all in again called by AQ in BB hit the 2 on the flop a q came on the turn and she's out.

    But she did try to win kicking and screaming, in 7 hours it really wasnt a fair share she kept hearing at the table KK AA JJ.

    Ps Thanks for your support esp Craig and Beth who travelled 400 miles to give very helpfull support.

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