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    Big Stoke Cirus Event


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    Big Stoke Cirus Event Empty Big Stoke Cirus Event

    Post by Thundercat on Mon May 18, 2009 6:26 pm

    Right, I was at Stoke last night and I was talking with Katy the tournament director and mentioned that I was a bit upset about the so called World Champion Amateur Event at DTD that had a limit of only 200 and some odd players. I mean how in the hell can they call it a World Championship when surly its only the Best of the 250 player registered, to be honest your more likely to win the event if you get a seat than to actually get a seat, surely the odds of actually getting a seat and win it are astronomical. So anyway, Katy mentioned that they will be having a similar event at Stoke during the month of August. This event will also be limited but you have to buy in at the Casino (or any Circus Casino) so chances are you will be able to get a seat. The buy in is 150+ and Im sure alot of us will be entered. There ill be an additional 15K added to the pot so I am told making the prize poll in excess of 40k. I know that some of us goto the 100 buy in the first Sunday of the month in Stoke and that some who may want to register for the big tournament in August don't. If you want in the tournament talk to either myself, Charlie Hind, Howard or Karen and we will enter you when we go down for the Monthly tourney the first Sunday in July.

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