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    Sorry Howard..


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    Sorry Howard.. Empty Sorry Howard..

    Post by Thundercat on Tue May 26, 2009 11:14 am

    Now, I understand that taking bad beats is part of the game we play, however in this case I really must apologise. Heres how it played out. I was a bit under the weather at the Monday Bank Holiday tournament through a self induced act that happened on the day before. I had had about 10 J2O's to help with my dehydration and to get some vitamin C flowing through my veins. Anyway, The blinds were 3 and 6k, I was in the small blind after having my big blind "stolen" for the 3rd time in a row. James was in the big blind on my left, I look down to see 10h-7h, obviously not a great starting hand, however If it was checked to me then I was shoving and unless the BB woke up with a decent hand I would at least get the blinds. So when my turn came I pushed. I look up to hear Howard saying "Thats what I wanted to see", I thought, What the hell does it got to do with him? As I slowly looked in front of Howard I could see that I had missed him push his stack into the centre of the table, shit.. and Mr Big Blind has woken up with the big slick, and subsequently pushes all in, well, Im screwed..but, once again the poker gods come to the rescue of the donkey move, I flop a pair of 10's then hit my straight on the turn then hit my flush on the end..nice, then the wrath of God sets in, Ive just crippled James and knocked Howard out of the tournament by my Rookie error. Now some people we play with would just happily carry on and, for Christ sakes, think that they won the pot so it was the right move. I am not one of those people and when I make a wrong move I am big enough to own up to it. Had Howard not been in the pot, then it was a good play and was actually quite a strong move. Because Howard moved in, it was 100% wrong and I knocked Howard out of the tournament with one bad play on my part. He had spent 6 hours working on getting to the final table and I had erased all his hard work because I wasn't paying attention. Again Sorry Howard, I will try and knock you out properly in future..I also want to apologize to James, who played excellently on the day only to be crippled by my play. I think I have finally found out what a donkey is, its not someone who makes a bad play, because we have all done that. Its someone who makes a bad play on purpose and doesn't learn from their mistakes. A little note to those people who consistently play like this and get ahead by doing so. You are rubbish at Poker, you are not good just because you win a pot and I am finished trying to explain why you cant play poker. I can beat Tiger Woods at golf if I take my driver out and beat the crap out of him at the first tee, I can beat Louis Hamilton in a race around an F1 track if I smash into him on the first corner. Just because you win doesn't mean you did it right. I have been more than patient and waited for the poker gods to punish these donkeys, that clearly has not happened, so I intend to help the situation along a little bit. Beware Donkeys, my first priority is to knock you out at any cost, winning will be my second goal. If by chance I double you up then it really doesnt make a difference because someone else will get your chips anyway...you have been warned..

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    Sorry Howard.. Empty Re: Sorry Howard..

    Post by Shogun112 on Sat May 30, 2009 10:46 pm

    Nice Post

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    Sorry Howard.. Empty Re: Sorry Howard..

    Post by Matt on Sun Jul 26, 2009 1:56 am

    actually a good post there craig n1 .... i always say that donkeys are those exact people that keep on doing the same mistakes week in week out .. and i will still always call a person that ALWAYS has to push all in on a SB and BB situation pre flop ... YOU ARE THE DONKEYS for pushing all in ... any raise will tell you the same answer .,, like the guy in casino against me .. he pushed all in with 7 5 spades from SB .. i called from BB with 9h 9d flop Qd 5d 10d 4s 5h ... stupid move rewarded to the donkey after over 5 hours of play and over 100 people down .. the donkey move is rewarded. after playing for over 5 hours i dont see the point in needing to steal that blind .. the blinds were 4k .. and his stack was 56k ... yeah it helps but ... (dont know the exact odds but) every 10 times he does that .. he wins the once .. and just happens to be that time .. Donkeys will get caught

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    Sorry Howard.. Empty Re: Sorry Howard..

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